Extracts from Winifred's writings


Unknown Colour

Colour has been used chiefly in the past as a means to display form – form being thought of as its obvious master. The freedom of abstract thought has come, and shows us a future lying ahead of colour as one of the three great abstract arts.

King Pellinore's Wife

When King Pellinore found his castle rocking and tossing and falling down whenever he built it up, none of the magicians or wise men or astrologers could tell him why – until Merlin

I Like To Have A Picture In My Room

I like to have a picture in my room. Why? Without one, my room feels bare however much furniture I may have; and I will tell you the part that a true picture plays, and that nothing else can play, in my room.

I Like Painting Flowers

I like painting flowers – I have tried to paint many things in many different ways, but my paint brush always gives a tremor of pleasure when I let it paint a flower – and I think I know why this is so.


When I was at art school perched on a high stool with a pigtail down my back, I was painting a shell, its mother-of-pearl captivating me – the principal of the art school, Byam Shaw, came up behind me and said, 'Oh Roberts', that was my maiden name, 'what colours you are seeing today.'

Liberation Of Colour

What does the man who is not an artist want to know about colour?